Pablo González Vera (1955-2012)

Pablo González Vera

Pablo González Vera was born in Vallehermoso (La Gomera, Canary Islands) in January 25, 1955. He studied Mathematics at University of La Laguna (1974-79), and began teaching at this university in 1980. He started his research in Rational Interpolation, in collaboration with Prof. L. Casasús (now in Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) and defended his Doctoral Dissertation on Two--point Padé Approximation in 1985. That was the germ of a research group on Approximation Theory in University of La Laguna. In the following years, he shared his interest in Rational Interpolation with another closely related topic, the Quadrature Formulae (Numerical Integration). From 1991 on, seven Doctoral Thesis on Orthogonality and/or Quadrature were supervised by Prof. González Vera, including the most recent one (by Francisco Perdomo), which was defended shortly after his passing away.

The Gang of the Four

During his career, Prof. González Vera was author of more than one hundred fifty papers published in prestigious international journals in the area of Applied Mathematics. He also wrote several books, among which specially stands "Orthogonal Rational Functions", published by Cambridge University Press, and written in collaboration with Adhemar Bultheel (KU Leuven, Belgium), Erik Hendriksen (Netherlands) and Olav Njåstad (Univ. of Trondheim). This book, nowadays a main reference, was the result of an intensive work in common by the authors, whose team is also known colloquially as "the gang of the four".

Pablo died on July 11, 2012 at the age of 57. He was not only a well recognized mathematician but a remarkable human being. He was extremely modest, friendly, concerned, and warm with all that surrounded him. No wonder he has left a large number of friends and colleagues in Spain and abroad who miss him every day and mourn his untimely loss.

Orthogonal Rational Functions

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Ortogonalidad y Cuadraturas sobre la Circunferencia Unidad

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