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Sunday, 05 April 2009 00:00

Title: Orthogonality and Approximation. Theory and Physical and Technical Applications.

Code: MTM2006-13000-C03-02.

Center: Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación de España.

Period: October, 2006- September, 2009.

Head: G. López Lagomasino

Number of participants: 20


The aim of this project is, on one hand, to investigate the analytic properties of orthogonal polynomials with respect to several models of orthogonality and, on the other, to explore scientific, technological and medical (medical diagnosis by image) application of this study. More specifically, we will study the orthogonality: (a) of matrix type: with respect to a positive definite matrix of measures on the real line; furthermore, we explore the presence of matrix orthogonal polynomials that verify second order differential equatons in modeling quantum relativistic systems  (Dirac equation) with coulombian potential, as well as the corresponding time and limiting problems presumably associated with problems of limited angles in tensor tomography; (b) of Sobolev type: where the derivatives of the polynomials appear; Sobolev orthogonal polynomials present advantages for the numerical treatment, by means of spectral methods, of boundary value problems of (ordinary and partial) differential equations, as well as in approximation problems in Fourier-Sobolev series; (c) with respect to varying measures and its application to the study of certain (infinite dimensional SIMO) dynamical systems; (d) q-polynomials and other special functions and its application to the modeling of different discrete oscillatory quantum systems, and other physical and biological systems such as macromolecules and molecular motors. We will also consider other closely related fields: moment problems, rational approximation (mainly Pade approximation and its generalizations, with applications to the study of the stability of time delay dynamical systems, as well as computational methods for special functions relevant in physical and mathematical models), Fourier series and operator theory. The techniques used are, mainly, of matrix analysis, potential theory, Fourier analysis, operator theory, interpolation and classical complex analysis.

List of Publications

(you can download a copu of a given paper visiting the home page of a listed team member or collaborator)

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