Polinomios ortogonales y aplicaciones. Aplicación a teoría de sistemas, entropías de información e integración numérica. Print
Written by Guillermo López Lagomasino   
Sunday, 18 January 2009 11:00

Title: Polinomios ortogonales y aplicaciones. Aplicación a teoría de sistemas, entropías de información e integración numérica.

Code: CCG06-UC3M/EST-0690.

Center: Comunidad de Madrid - Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Period: January, 2007- December, 2007.

Head: G. López Lagomasino

Number of participants: 20


Study of the properties of orthogonal polynomials in different models of orthogonality (matrix, Sobolev, with respect to varying measures, multi-orthogonal, and discrete measures). Related problems are considered: rational approximation (mainly Padé approximation and its extensions), integration by quadrature, convergence of Fourier series, information entropy and systems theory. Development of appropriate techniques of real and complex analysis,  operator theory, matrix analysis, and potential theory.

List of publications 

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